-TRL-Be A Little Extra!

Last night I came home from school, ran up to my room and jumped into bed. Let’s just say I had a REALLY long week! In between taking 20 credit hours and getting my designs ready for my University’s fashion show, I forgot to do something nice for myself. So I got out of bed, grabbed my makeup, hair straightener (I use it as a curler) some cute comfy clothes and off to the biggest, most glamorous mirror in my house I went! Conveniently located in the bathroom next to my bedroom ha!

I put on the new album by Camila Cabello, highly recommend it, then, of course,  my bedazzled cat ears. Because why not! I curled my hair, did my makeup like I was about to take myself out on a date. Next thing I knew I had taken my shellac kit and started doing my nails. I was being so extra that my camera had to come out! I started taking selfies. Yes, me taking selfies…wild I know. Felt like a changed woman.

It was so nice to take the time and appreciate myself. Everyone is always saying to be nice to one another, but let’s not forget that we cant be nice to others if we aren’t to ourselves. I think that in the mists of trying to get things done before deadlines and getting prepared for the day, we forget to take care of ourselves, I know sometimes I do.

Remember to love yourself, and BE A LITTLE EXTRA!