Must-Have Summer Fridays Products

Overtime Mask
CC Me Serum
Super Amino Gel Cleanser

Summer Fridays is changing the game of skincare! Not only are they committed to making incredibly high-quality products, but they are vegan and cruelty-free!

Overtime Mask

The overtime mask helps rejuvenate your skin. This vitamin-packed pumpkin and apricot seed powder, oat kernel protein, and vitamin E serum will leave your skin squeaky clean and hydrated! You don’t need to use much so it will last you months. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, it’s paraben and sulfate-free, no synthetic dyes or fragrances, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the US!
I like to use this product when my skin is feeling dull. It’s also great to use when you’re having breakouts to get rid of those dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin.

Super Amino Gel Cleanser

The super amino gel cleanser is incredibly nourishing and so lightweight you barely feel it on the skin.
A little goes a long way. Tip- use one to two pumps and gently massage it in a circular motion on your face and neck for at least a minute before rinsing it off. This cleanser has seawater, which has a lot of essential minerals for your skin, calming irritation, and balancing your skin. This perfect cocktail of 11 amino acids does a great job removing your makeup while leaving your skin refreshed.
So give your skin a drink!

CC Me Serum

The cc me serum brightens your skin while locking in moisture, leaving your skin glowing!
Vitamin c, collagen, botanical cocktail, and squalane are what make this serum so unique. These ingredients will brighten up and even out your skin tone. Great for scarring and hyperpigmentation. Use one to two pumps after you wash your face with the super amino gel cleanser.
It’s very lightweight and feels great on the skin.
Tip- use it as a primer, thank me later.

These products are great for all skin types, especially for acne-prone skin!
They do a great job of gently rejuvenating your skin and giving you that healthy glow we all want.

These products are available at Sephora and at Summer Fridays

Let me know if you try any of these products out and what you thought of them.

Remember, healthy skin is happy skin!


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