Be A Little Extra!

Last night I came home from school, ran up to my room and jumped into bed. Let’s just say I had a REALLY long week! In between of talking 20 credit hours and getting my designs ready for my Universities fashion show, I forgot to do something nice for myself. So I got out of bed, grabbed my makeup, hair straighter (I use it as a curler) some cute comfy clothes and off to the biggest, most glamorous mirror in my house I went! Conveniently located in the bathroom next to my bedroom ha!


IMG_4763.JPG       I put on the new album by Camila Cabello, highly recommend it, then, of course,  my bedazzled cat ears. Because why not! Curled my hair, did my makeup like I was about to take myself out on a date. Next thing I knew I had taken my shellac kit and started doing my nails. Girl, I was being so extra that my camera had to come out! Started taking selfies. Yes, me taking selfies…wild I know. Felt like a changed woman. It was so nice to take the time and appreciate myself. I think that in the mists for trying to get things done before deadlines and getting prepared for the day, we forget to take care of ourselves, I know sometimes I do.

Remember to love yourself, and BE A LITTLE EXTRA!



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